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091 765360
Unit 9 Glenrock House, Glenrock Business Park
Ballybane Industrial Estate

Financial Planning Information

What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is a process that you go through to find out where you are now (financially), determine where you want to be in the future, and what you are going to do to get there.

Our role is to help you create your own financial plan to;

  1. Clarify your present situation,
  2. Identify your financial and personal goals and objectives,
  3. Identify financial problems
  4. Determine recommendations and alternative solutions,
  5. Implement the appropriate strategies to achieve your goals,
  6. Review and update your plan periodically.

Do you need a Financial Advisor?
Many people find the world of finance a confusing place.
Do you have the time and desire to sort through all the opportunities out there?
Do you understand how those opportunities can apply to your situation?
Are you receiving conflicting advice from different sources?
Do you want to know what is “right” for you?
What return do you need to meet your goals?

Do you have difficulty saving money?
We provide objective advice to put you on the right track to accomplish your goals. We will confirm whether you are on the right track or tell you what to do to get back on the right track. For many of our clients we provide peace of mind, knowing that they are doing all the right things given their situation.

We help clients in the following areas;

  • Investment Planning
    What rate of return do you need to meet your goals?
    Are your current investments achieving that return?
    What asset allocation should you have?
    What investments should you use to implement that asset mix?
  • Retirement Planning
    How much do you need to save to be able to retire?
    Are you on track for meeting that goal?
  • Education Funding
    How much do you need to save to (help) pay for your children’s (or grandchildren’s) education?
    What is the most tax effective way of saving for children’s education.
  • Insurance and Risk Planning
    Do you need insurance (life, critical illness, income protection, long term care)?
    If so, how much and what kind of insurance?
    Who should own the insurance (you, your company, your spouse or children)?
  • Estate Planning
    • What size of estate do you want to leave?
    • How do you get it to your beneficiaries as quickly and as easily as possible?
    • Can you reduce the taxes for your heirs?

If you have any of the above questions or others, we can answer them without the pressure of product sales.

For a financial consultation, contact Faith on 091 765360 or [email protected]